Welcome to The Mission

We work hard to bring new ideas to the owner-community of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • You will receive a weekly note, with articles and links on a subject we find both timely and useful. We will also explain why we are discussing the topic and how you could use it in your business.

  • You will also receive reminders of our 11@11 video broadcasts. Every Thursday at 11 am, we spend 11 minutes on a company’s interesting decision. Sometimes, it is an unusual hire, either a person or a role. Sometimes, it is a remarkable pivot by an owner in the face of severe hardship.

Help us inspire others, by sending us a note when you discover an unusual process, company or person we can share. Send the idea to info@thesoulofthebusiness.com and add “11@11 idea” in the subject area.

This includes your own company too (as long it isn’t an advertisement) if it has something or someone’s actions to teach others about!