What is a “Ghost Customer,” and where can you find them?

We coined the term “ghost customer” when observed the many potential customers walking past your store, looked at your home page, or asked for your business card and never followed up.

You didn’t “see” the ghosts. You may have thought you heard them or caught a glimpse of them. You couldn’t prove they were customers, because the ghosts aren’t customers. They aren’t even leads; they wander with an unknown and unmet need.

You did touch them in some way. Maybe it was in the same manner that an artist moves a reader, convincing them to reach out and look at the inside of a book. How many people have touched that book? No one can tell.

We work with clients to get them able to see these and meet ghost customers. We must stress this is more than using online advertising or tweaking a website. It is learning to understand the mind of another person. Maybe it is also learning there may be more than one ghost in the house (which is a good thing).

Large businesses also have “ghost customers” that they cannot see. For these companies, they have made a financial decision not to look for them. Small businesses, so desperately in need of new business now, do not have this luxury.

In every haunted house, there is a ghost with a need – an unmet, unheard need. As in many stories, the ghost either cries in frustration or screams in anger over this unanswered need.

There are thousands of unmet needs, so hundreds of thousands of ghost customers are looking for satisfaction.

We can show you how to find them and answer their prayers.

But first, you must agree they exist and are worth listening to today.