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Philosophy of SOTB

ALM’s Research in Action process

Everyone at The Soul of the Business has leaned there are very few original problems.

The solutions to many problems can be found with ways – or in places – where others have not looked.  Our most common source of answers to client’s frustrations comes from nature.

A business operates in an industry, and industries have many similarities to ecosystems found in nature.  The trick to finding a similar problem is to redefine the question so that it applies to an adaptation to a problem found in nature.

has three key research parts. Each of these three points, while not perfect, has increased the probability of success for us in the past.


We believe it is a requirement to have our clients in a state of calm.  When a person’s mind is quiet, it is more receptive to new ideas – especially ones they have not imagined yet.  Our five step process is designed to calm their minds by making it very clear what we will do for them, so they can trust us handing their problem.


We’ve all been there…trying to do too much at once. The best way to approach a problem is to change only one thing at a time.  This controlling for other factors sounds simple except when the boss wants it done yesterday.  Success has many parents; we help you know what was the source of your success.


Isn’t courage easier, when you believe in the possibility of a solution? We look for small advantages, possible changes, and pieces of information that raise questions and allow us to understand potential shifts in prospective client’s preferences.  We apply a deductive process to turn these anomalies into actionable ideas. Then, we present them in way that doesn’t require bravery to implement by the client.