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The History of The Soul of the Business

The Soul of the Business Inc. was founded in 2017, as a spin-off from ALM Advisors, Inc. a Pasadena,CA based investment management company.  (ALMA itself was founded in 1995). The founder of ALMA, Jeffery Rollert, decided it was easier to manage and hire as a separate organization.

Clients of ALMA often had questions about the businesses they owned and managed (i.e. ones that were not part of their investment portfolios).  Often, these businesses needed to invest more in client acquisition strategies to remain competitive within their industries.

SOTB uses an approach similar to ALMA’s research process: combine a cross-fertilization data research with specialists in certain industries to create competitive advantages for clients.  We bring advanced data and research methodologies to small and medium-sized business.  Typically, our clients are either one or two owners looking to grow faster.

The SOTB’s founder, Jeffery Rollert, believes that a better approach to revenue growth comes from bringing ideas from all areas of science and art.  His academic background in economics and psychology grew over thirty-plus years to encompass behavioral economics with a deep retail and banking industry understanding.  The firm prefers to hire other professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

SOTB is entirely owned by its employees, and is not affiliated with any other firm. We believe the only way to consistently provide independent advice is to be owned independently by employees.