We are a research and communications company, dedicated to helping overworked business owners find new customers in places they?ve never looked. Success is finding new sources of business.

There are many reasons you are here.  You may have met someone from our company.  You may have been frustrated at how slowly your business is growing. You may want to sell your business in the next five years, and want to get revenue up as high as you can prior to the sale.  You may have been intrigued with our newsletter.

What brought you here matters less than satisfying your curiousity about us. What is the ?Soul? of the Business®?

Our processs really is simple. We show our clients how to demonstrate their ?soul? to their clients.

We study ways to get new clients to come to you.  Our methods aren?t designed to trick, fool or mislead. Just the opposite in fact.  We want your prospective clients to know how specialized a service or product you provide.

For example, we look for clients which are already being served in a different place, and they would love to have another (usually unrelated) need satisfied.  For example, when you buy a house you often replace your furniture.  By advertising to new home buyers, you can find the what (furniture), timing (soon) and location (the new place) easily.

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