Typically, our clients are either solo or dual owners of a business looking to grow faster. Many of our clients run “soft-asset” businesses. Examples of these are attorneys, accountants, architects, and other businesses with a high degree of customer contact.

These individuals are very hands on, and often heavily involved in the actual creation of the work product. They work very long hours, and would prefer a reduction in their time at work (as long as revenues were the same or greater).

Our clients are established business owners in their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. They enjoy the work, but not the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with the work. They come to us looking for ideas, policies, processes and tools to reduce the parts of work they dislike, thus bringing the fun of the business back.

These businesses usually have loyal, long-term employees (often there for decades). These workers are very loyal to the owner and have close personal relationships with them. Being an employee-owned firm, we appreciate these kinds of relationships.