A Change

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Unfortunately, it has become difficult to discuss divergent viewpoints online. This lead us to remove all of our public research notes from this website (except for this one).

We have made a decision to publish our research work – only via invite-only webinars and e-mail – going forward. Often, readers don’t finish a piece before complaining about it here or elsewhere. As our job is to think and imagine differently, we feel we have to protect ourselves.

In 2021, we expect to see many news and research providers requiring logins to see work; others will put what was once free behind a paywall. Understanding what is going on, is going to become much more difficult to discern.

If you’d like to be part of our emails and/or webinars, send an e-mail using the form below. We will then reach out to you, to hear what you are looking for and whether there’s a fit with our research.

While this is not our preference, it is our choice given the present “for-or-against-me” attitudes.

Understand, we have a very, very strongly-held view of the near-term future for the US. We do want to share it.