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The Soul of the Business® provides data-sourced solutions to create more revenue for:

Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation

legal & accounting



“The paradox of teaching entrepreneurship is that such a formula necessarily cannot exist…successful people find value in unexpected places, and they do this by thinking about business from first principles instead of formulas.”

Peter Thiel, Zero to One



Do you recall why you started your business?

You thought you could do it better. Faster. Less expensive. With style.

Owning a business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Being able to throw out your most treasured approach – when it is lacking – and relying on what the data tells does. Continually experimenting with new ways of producing, distributing, and marketing makes you an entrepreneur (like when you started your business).

Testing your ideas is like editing what you wrote. We’ll take the guesswork out of testing new ideas, and the work to interpret the results.

Our approach is not to copy other’s work but to look at the problem solely through the customer’s eyes and principles. It’s an absolute approach. We then take our discoveries and create a plan that turns a mediocre company into a success.

Our twenty-five step review process – what we call “Pre-Critical Modeling” has two branches operating at the same time:


Our customer research, including interviews and other human-focused work, assists clients in finding better ways to approach current and prospective customers. It keeps them longer.


There’s an ocean of data out there, waiting to be searched for client clues and behaviors. Let us assist you in using it to hook the fish that got away (and the ones you’ve never seen).

We review anything the customer sees, feels, touches, or hears through our Pre-Critical Modeling approach. We then report the conclusions and assist the company in implementation of our recommendations. Lastly, we track the customers on an ongoing basis. Our success is judged by how far in advance we anticipate their needs, so you are later ready to satisfy them.

Now…Let’s build something beautiful together